Black and Brown Wall Street is a Springfield-based community group

Black and Brown Wall Street Founder Tiffany Allecia and Lead Sponsor Senator Adam Gomez

Tiffany Allecia
TIffany Allecia M.Ed.
Adam Gomez
Carolyn Wright
Ariaun Stewart
The Black and Brown Wall Street Mall Pop-Up - Kwanzaa 2020 Edition, will be held at the Eastfield Mall in Springfield, Massachusetts. We will be organizing arts and culture, business, community organizations, cosmetics and esthetician, and food vendors to stimulate the Black and Brown economy in Springfield during the week of Kwanzaa.

Economic Goals:

Circulate $100,000 in the Springfield Black and Brown economy between December 26, 2020 and November 31, 2020 through the communion of 100 Black Owned Businesses at the Eastfield Mall.

Community Development Goals:

  1. Redistribute municipal funds to support the development and growth of Black and Brown Owned Businesses in Springfield.
  2. Provide city funded business registration drives consistently by neighborhood throughout Springfield.
  3. Invest in economics, business, finance, and tax courses for all educational institutions in the Springfield Public Schools System.
  4. Commit to commissioning, contracting, and buying from Springfield businesses for 80% of your business’s needs.
    Commit to acknowledging the impact of racially charged disparities affecting the Black community in the realms of education, healthcare, economics, and financial wellness and adjust business practices, policies, and HR programs to create a more equitable system.
  5. Commit to prioritizing hiring Springfield residents for all levels of employment.
  6. Establish professional development programs and career advancement tracts in all Springfield businesses.
  7. Review and amend the permit system to make it more accessible to the Black and Brown Business community.
  8. Require major corporations to hire Springfield residents (so that there is a majority) if their business is being brought to the city.
  9. Commit to supporting the creation of a “Black Wall Street” and assist in the process of its establishment and maintenance.


Supporting Partners

Ysanne Marshall

Ysanne Music Founder and CEO

Carolyn Wright

The Wright Gift CEO

Jamal Porter MBA

Three Kings President and CEO

Adrian Porter

Dem Porter Boyz President and CEO

Chamia Oura

The Ratchethippie Team

Chantell Jewel

The Ratchethippie Team

Monnay Miller

3 Girls & Co.

Jason Ortiz


Darrius Mylez Johnson

Visionary Acts President and CEO

Dec 26-31

12:00pm - 8:00pm


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