Thank you for a
phenomenal year!

Thank you for a phenomenal year of strategically investing in the Black and Brown economy of Springfield! Thank you for supporting us, participating in our events and supporting our community! We have so much more in store for our city!

Playing Favorites


Friday, September 3, 2021 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Playing Favorites is an annual concert highlighting some of the most promising talent from our community and the greater Springfield area. Every year, we will be celebrating creatives who push the boundaries of art and culture, while blazing pathways for the next generation to flourish as well. As Black and Brown Wall Street strategically invests in the creative economy, it is imperative that we recognize and celebrate the leaders of our developing music industry who individually strengthen our communities capacity, heritage and culture. Our 2021 Playing Favorites Honorees are Taija New, Myles Jeh, Ysanne, Belly Gang - led by Z1040 YOLA, Evyan, Muda, YHB AKA Young Humble Beast, The Loviest, TAICHI and DJ Mike Torch


Taija New

Taija New, a.k.a. the Newbian King, is a Rhythmic Pop entertainer who humbly began her musical journey at open mics in her hometown, Springfield, Massachusetts, where she honed her skills for live performance. Her live shows have been seen across North America where she has performed on the same stage as major acts such as: Jennifer Hudson, Todrick Hall, K.Michelle, and Tiffany Evans.

Myles Jeh

A few performance highlights include performing on BET Network's 106 & Park, opening up for Shamarr Allen & The Underdawgs, and Kirstin Maldonado of Pentatonix. He can be seen performing at festivals, Pride events, and collaborating with public school districts to encourage the youth to participate in performing arts. "Always Up To Something" is his motto. 


Ysanne has a way of offering an experience to the audience in many different perspectives. From opening up for Juelz Santana to playing "Motormouth Maybelle" in Dean College production Hairspray, there is no stage Ysanne can't dominate!

Z1040 YOLA

Belly Gang



YHB AKA Young Humble Beast

Jason Ruell AKA YHB resides in Springfield and has only been rapping for three years, however, he describes that he has created musical art work “forever”. He is an artist because that is all he knows and he continues this work because of his daughter. He follows his dreams so that if he ever dies, his daughter will always have his words which he’s left behind.

DJ Mike Torch

The Loveliest

Massachusetts native The Loveliest makes music for all types of music lovers. She uses life experience and influences from others to create her content.


Genre bending soul artist



Friday, September 3, 2021
6:00pm - 10:00pm

The Marketplace
1365 Main Street
Springfield, MA 01103



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Black & Brown Wall Street

Playing Favorites
Friday, September 3, 2021
6:00pm - 10:00pm
The Market Place